Registration: Steps to Complete


Click on the below box--

New Student Registration

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**** If you are experiencing difficulty with the site or do not have internet access or a computer, please contact your zoned school.  Computers and assistance will be available at the schools on July 16 (Early Bird Registration) and July 24 (Registration Day).

Note: If you want your student to take home their laptop each night, then be sure to use the following link to create a My School Bucks account, login, and choose NEW STUDENT iReach User Charge.  The fee is $40, so choose either NEW STUDENT $40 single payment or NEW STUDENT $20 single payment (and pay $20 more before Winter Break or request a scholarship).

Pay laptop charge

After viewing the Maryville City Schools updates here, please click on the below link and choose your child's  instructional model for this school year.

Choose Instructional model 



5th, 6th, and 7th graders-- Watch the following video about your elective choices and read the linked letters for more information.

5th  Grade Elective Letter6th  Grade Elective Letter7th grade Elective Letter

Now, click on the below form to choose your elective(s).

Make Elective Choices-- 5th, 6th, & 7th


STEP 1B: Request Past Records

Click on the below link to complete the Consent to Request Records form.  Once all four steps of registration are completed, this form will be sent to your student's previous school to obtain past records.  

Consent to Request Records form  



Please bring the following documents (AND THE 6th or 7th grade STUDENT) to school on July 16 or July 24:

  1. Proof of Birth, one of the following forms:  

    • Birth Certificate - issued by a government 

    • Passport issued by any nation (translated) 

    • Immigration documentation 

    • Decree of adoption or other records issued by a court 

    • Other official documentation showing date of birth and parent's names 

  2. Social Security Card (if available)

  3. TN Certificate of Immunization  (TN DOE LINK)

  4. Proof of Residency (HELPFUL LINK): mortgage or lease AND a utility bill from City of Maryville or Atmos

 5. Withdrawal form and grades from previous school

 6. Optional--Any custody documents pertaining to the students

 7. Optional-- Documentation of Special Services (IEP, 504, RTI)

 Only legal guardians may register students.



  • You are only considered REGISTERED upon completion of both step 1, step 1A, step 1B, and step 2.