A Plan for Soaring

Structured for Success

Coulter Grove Intermediate School is organized in a collaborative team structure organizing academic teachers and students into “houses”.  Staff, students, parents and community members are vital components of our success. In essence, our desire is that all our stakeholders “show up”, “own it”, and show “respect” for one another by working in partnership so all students can “achieve” and SOAR to New Heights. 

Within the staff at CGIS, each individual is assigned to a team or“house”. The foundation of this structure is the eight, grade level houses (2 per grade level in grades 4-7) designated by colors and named each year collaboratively by the students. Additionally, encore teachers, special education teachers, and administrative personnel are “housed” together for support, teamwork and collaboration.

The academic wing of our building is two-story with 4th and 5th grade houses located downstairs and 6th and 7th grade houses located upstairs. Students are sorted into “houses” to include learners of mixed abilities, gender, and cultural groups. The criterion that is considered in forming balanced houses of students includes:

  • Learning style and ability measured by assessment results
  • Achievement measured by grades, teacher recommendations, and assessment results
  • Special education needs and support service
  • Behavior
  • Gender
  • Child’s previous school (so each house has a mix of students from our feeder schools and new students to the Maryville School System

Every house of academic teachers receives information and data for each incoming student. Data of all students, including at-risk students as well as students achieving beyond grade level, is received and utilized by teachers to plan instruction for groups of students and differentiate for individual and small groups of students.  Each academic house has instructional assistants (either assigned to the grade level or SPED) to support learning. Instructional assistants’ schedules are created based on instructional needs of students, ensuring additional support for groups of students who need it most.  Individual TA schedules are set at the beginning of each school year based on the schedule.  Grade level academic teachers have common planning time each day while students attend encore classes. Grade level academic teachers also utilize common “Hawk Time” or recess each day. 

The philosophy of Coulter Grove Intermediate School is that each student is a valuable member of the team. A great deal of planning goes into providing experiences and interventions that promote a sense of belonging, thus avoiding many behavior problems. Students and staff will follow the Hawk Way and show a commitment to value the learning community, its individual members, one’s self, and the learning experience.

The Hawk Way-- SOAR
S:  Show Up
  • Come prepared, stay focused, participate, and have a good attitude
  • "I will show up in life ready to take on the day's successes and challenges.  I choose to be present physically and mentally in everything I do."
O:  Own It
  • Make good choices, be responsible for my actions and attitude, and let go and move on.
  • "I am in charge of what I think, say, and do.  I am responsible for me!"
A:  Achieve
  • Do my personal best, use perseverance, set high expectations, and be part of something bigger than myself.
  • "I set high academic and personal goals and work to, not only accomplish, but exceed them.  I will do my personal best in all aspects of life."
R:  Respect
  • Be safe, do the right thing, and treat people right.
  • "I treat everyone and everything with integrity.  I show respect for my school, fellow students, teachers, family, community, and myself